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Learning Experience

Yaunee, Product Manager

Kim was very energetic and provided a lot of context during the class.  I truely enjoyed her.

Brian, Agile Leader

Her personal stories from the front line made the training more relatable to her audience. I personally learned much from being around Kim's class, even though I had been through CSM and CSPO courses myself multiple times

Sandy, Business Professor

Demystified Agile and Scrum...

Engaging session via activities and content to reinforce concepts

What past students have said

Real-World Experience
Experiential Based
Patterns and Anti-Patterns
ALJ Aware Leader.png

Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader

How to change from Management to Leadership

Single Seat:


Private Class (from)



Learn to Scale Scrum with Scrum.



Private Class (from)


Scrum Master

The basics of Scrum



Private Class (from)


Training from the Back of the Room

Learn to teach classes where students will learn more



Private Class (from)


Product Owner

SM+ skills and tools to prioritize the features of your backlog and build something meaningful.



Private Class (from)



Let's talk and see what custom topics we need to address your issues


Private Class (from)


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