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Adventure to overcome the limits of life

We are here to help solve some really big problems.  Here are some people we regularly work with.


We are a Birmingham, AL based Agile coaching and software development firm specializing in technology solutions built on the Microsoft Platform. Our team was formed at the University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Public Safety where we focused on applied research in the health and human services domain.

As we grew, we formed our own consultancy to focus on creating software that matters and helping organizations maximize the value of every dollar spent on software development and technology.


Dan LeFebvre

Worked directly with Ken Schwaber on a large Scrum implementation.
Working directly with Dr. Jeff Sutherland on Scrum implementations since 2009
16 years of Scrum experience dating back to 2005
First Certified Enterprise Scrum Coach in all of New England
Over 8000 hours of direct experience leading and coaching Scrum inside more than 25 different 
clients since 2005 with 4 specific implementations of Scrum@Scale.
Over 5000 hours of Scrum training experience
Specializing in Executive and Enterprise-level coaching.
An invited Scrum Fellow and Scrum@Scale Trainer.

Daniel Mezick

14 years of Scrum experience coaching teams and organizations since 2006
Teaching for a living since 1993 with over 20,000 hours of teaching experience
Teaching Scrum professionally since 2006
The first trainer in the world authorized by Scrum At Scale to teach the course online; pioneered the online delivery of the Scrum At Scale course
Over 2500 hours of delivering training online, using live video
Teaches Scrum trainers who are new to online delivery HOW TO deliver online. (See the testimonial endorsements here.) 
Has taught some of the most recognized and accomplished Scrum trainers IN THE WORLD
Formulator of the OpenSpace Agility engagement model (See
Co-author of three Scrum-related books on organizational change: The Culture Game (2012,) The OpenSpace Agility Handbook (2015,) and Inviting Leadership (2018).
Image by Nick Morrison

DDK Co-op

A partnership between Dan LeFebvre, Kim Antelo and Daniel Mezick. Between us, we have over 40 years of experience in Scrum.


Dan LeFebvre works with Dr. Jeff Sutherland and was the first-ever Certified Enterprise Coach in New England.


Daniel Mezick has written 3 Scrum-related books on organizational change.


Kim Antelo previously worked for SCRUMINC and worked daily with Dr. Jeff.


You’ll learn Scrum form us in a way that is just not possible through other instructors. Intrigued?

Look for classes marked with DDK Co-op

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