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Agile foundations to get your teams going

Employing cognitive neuroscience concepts, Kim Antelo will not only tell you about the best ways of doing Scrum and becoming Agile, she will share anti-patterns and challenge your teams to be Agile and continuously improve.  She will provide experiential learning activities to help teams absorb the content.

Due to our vast experience in both large and small businesses, we customize training to meet your needs.  We teach your leadership team what it means to become a team and focus on servant leadership. We train teams, at all levels of the organization, what it means to be Agile and how to prioritize the features or capabilities you are looking to create or build.  We train teams Scrum and Agile principles, and teach your organization how to be better trainers and coaches.  Don't see something you are looking for on our schedule?  Let us know what you are interested in.


Kim is guide for the Agile Leadership Journey, a Path to Agility Facilitator, a Certified Enterprise Coach through the Scrum Alliance, and a Training from the Back of the Room Trainer.


Our passion is to inspire your employees to solve their own problems.  We coach by watching and asking a lot of questions. We observe to understand the context of your problems and help you find solutions that work and are sustainable given your environment.

We challenge leaders to let go of making decisions, enabling better delegation, which will increase the commitment and accountability of your team.

Coaching can be done in person and virtually.  We generally prefer to build a personal relationship with people in their environment prior to conducting virtual support.


Brainstormed ideas from a leadership workshop on why the leadership wants to enable a more Agile organization.

Whether you are looking for a workshop for your leaders to understand why they need to change, coach those leaders to move from Management to Leadership or to help teams get started or get a tune up, Antelo Agility can help.


Need to move from Management to Leadership?

Psychological Safety, Empowerment, Delegation...


Intro to Agile, Scrum, Deeper SM or PO skills, Coaching, Training from the Back of the Room, Agile Leadership, Path to Agility...


Your teams, Agile Coaches, Middle Managers and Executives

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