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Leaders don’t take the credit...

... they give credit to the team that did the work.

With some more downtime, I have had the opportunity to reflect on how I ended up in a very different career than what I could have dreamed possible 20+ years ago. There are leaders I would like to thank for giving me opportunities along the way and this will start my series of Thank You’s to those who were an active, positive influence in my career.

Bruce Pullens- Thank you.

You gave a young woman, with all kinds of self-esteem issues, significant positive support, and encouragement. You created a space for our team to learn new technologies and a safe place for us to not always have the right answer. You stood by me when a man was not treating women in our department with respect. The one thing I want to thank you most is giving me and others, the opportunity to show off our work to the VPs and above at Macy’s. You didn’t take credit for the work, you brought us along. You gave us the opportunity to share the data insights we were able to find and share what we would do with them. You gave me the courage to voice my opinions based on the work I had done, and you were there to back me up. You gave me the courage to share my thoughts and inputs without being afraid of what VP could say. You set us up as the experts, the ones who did the work. Lastly, thank you for supporting me when I outgrew the role and could move on to a bigger role that would support the larger company.

These may seem like simple things, but unfortunately, there are many leaders who would not bring along the young developer, who would push their thoughts and not allow the workers to share the learnings and guide the path to the solution. You never told us HOW to do the job, you asked us for insights based on where you were asking us to look. Thank you for being a Catalyst leader.

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