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Mon, Oct 26



Agile Leadership Journey- Leader Awareness

The focus of this workshop is guided by the Agile Leadership Compass and is delivered across twelve distinct learning modules focused on developing agile leaders who develop agile organizations to improve business outcomes.

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Agile Leadership Journey- Leader Awareness
Agile Leadership Journey- Leader Awareness

Time & Location

Oct 26, 2020, 7:00 AM MDT – Nov 21, 2020, 8:30 AM MST



About the Event

Workshop Focus

Our goal is not to create great agile organizations. Rather, our goal is to improve organizational effectiveness by developing more adaptive leaders and organizations.

The focus of this workshop is guided by the Agile Leadership Compass and is delivered across twelve distinct learning modules focused on developing agile leaders who develop agile organizations to improve business outcomes.

The Leadership Compass

Agile organizations require agile leaders. Therefore, we focus first on developing new thinking and behaviors in the leaders who are then more capable of demonstrating the agile values and co-creating effective change within the organization - leading towards more resilient and effective organizations.

Twelve Learning Modules

The workshop is modularized into twelve 90-minute sessions:

  1. Workshop Kickoff & Agile Context: Navigate agility as a better risk-management strategy in complex, uncertain and rapidly changing environments.
  2. Agile Leadership (Expert, Achiever & Catalyst): Identify your executive presence and bias, and a new journey to improve your leadership effectiveness.
  3. Catalyst Leadership: Increase self-awareness, situational adaptability, and social effectiveness through enhanced leadership agility.
  4. Catalyst Conversations: Improve any dialogue or meeting through more co-creative and balanced engagements with others.
  5. Catalyst Feedback: Role-model giving and receiving effective feedback to increase status, creativity, autonomy, relatedness and fairness (SCARF).
  6. Catalyst Habits: Challenge your biases and create new focus and behavior habits to be more strategic, influential and impactful within the organization.
  7. Organizational Culture: Explore the unique organizational values and biases inhibiting and enabling agile ways of working in your organization.
  8. Agile Organizations: Differentiate outside-in and inside-out approaches toward agility and why most agile scaling approaches fail to sustain organizational effectiveness.
  9. Shaping Culture for Agility: Deconstruct and design culture-shaping changes for your organization through new structures, policies and measures.
  10. Leading Change & Transitions: Navigate the system and human impacts of change and how to effectively lead healthy and effective transitions that stick.
  11. Catalyst Canvas: Focus, align and accelerate changes in the organization through a simple, yet powerful brainstorming canvas.
  12. Lean Coffee & Next Steps: Deep dive into additional topics and define actionable steps to improve yourself and your organization.

Twelve 90-minute sessions @ 2:30 - 4:00PM ET on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from October 26 to November 20 

Our Online Workshop Experience Personal Cohort Learning and Sharing

We break large classes into small 12-person or less cohorts to foster safety, engagement and discussion. Each cohort is lead by a professional Agile Leadership Journey Guide. The small cohorts create a natural shared accountability engagement, with little reason or desire to disengage from the sessions.

Visual Facilitation and Collaboration

We build our online programs on Mural Collaboration platform, a powerful visual management and online learning platform to fully engage leaders in the learning process. Through structured module-based visual boards, leaders are provided the structure required for program learning clarity, personal engagement to connect to the learning and the visual connection to others learning in their same cohort.

Quality Certified Learning

Because there is no single framework for Agile Leadership, our Agile Leadership Journey global community has created a foundational platform to provide consistency and quality of learning. It provides our global clients with access to dozens of educators around the world without the worry of individual course variations. Furthermore, it provides our local clients with access to the most recognized and regarded program available today.

This workshop follows the learning objectives and meets the credentials for Agile Leadership Journey Aware Leader Credentials.


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